Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Links to A2 Coursework 2016/2017

Links to A2 students' coursework 2016/2017

A2 G324 Coursework 2016/2017

Centre Hub G324 - June 2017
Centre No: 23236

All students have blogs which contain clearly labelled links to their research and planning, construction tasks and evaluation.

At A2 LEVEL, all students follow brief 2 to create a new promotion package for a new film. This includes a trailer, together with two of the following three options: a website homepage for the film; a film magazine front cover (featuring the film), a web page or a poster for the film. They were allowed to work in genres of their own choice. 

The links below are for each students' blogs which contain all their work, including their final 3 products at A2 level.

Please contact the school if there are any issues with these blog sites or links.
Head of Media Studies

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