Monday, 23 September 2013

AS Coursework G321 (2014)

Centre Hub G321 - June 2014

Centre No: 23236

All students have individual blogs which contain clearly labelled links to their research and planning, construction tasks and evaluation.

Preliminary exercise: using DTP and an image manipulation program, produce the front page of a new school/college magazine, featuring a photograph of a student in medium close-up plus some appropriately laid-out text and a masthead. Additionally candidates must produce a DTP mock-up of the layout of the contents page to demonstrate their grasp of the program. 

Main task: the front page, contents and double page spread of a new music magazine (if done as a group task, each member of the group to produce an individual edition of the magazine, following the same house style). Maximum four members to a group. 

All images and text used must be original, produced by the candidate(s), minimum of FOUR images per candidate. 

Roden B (0366)
Genesis D (0392)
Danielle E (3235)
Rory F (0406)
Roksana F (2089)
Yvonne G (3247)
Morgan H (3249)
Jason L (0433)
Steven M (0454)
Keanu P (0478)
Natalie S (3354)
Luke St. J (0505)
Bethan T (3364)
Zannath U (3369)
Ray Dylan V (0512)
Viola N (2181)
Jamul W (0518)

Please contact the school if there are any issues with these blogsites or links.

Mrs Lory
Head of Media Studies

St. Bonaventures RC School / Boleyn Road / London / E7 9QD
t:  0208 472  3844