Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Target Audience

Audiences can be identified in many ways e.g. through demographic research by Govt. Departments – the Population Census

Media institutions e.g. Web Designers, the Advertising and Magazine Industry use this information when targeting/segmenting audiences

  1. Some Media organisations still use old fashioned socio-economic categorisation to estimate ‘notional spending power’

A – Land Owners, Royal Family
B – Doctors, Lawyers
C1 – Teachers, Nurses, Supervisors
C2 – Skilled manual
D – Semi-skilled/unskilled manual
E – Unemployed/Prisoners/Pensioners/Students

Vogue Magazine would have - ABC1 target audience (middle class/upmarket)
Capital Radio would have a C2, D and E target audience (working class)

  1. An alternative categorisation = Psycho-Graphic research (Young and Rubican Advertising Agency, 1974) based on personality type.

Succeeders – think of themselves as powerful/in control (e.g.Mercedes Adverts)
Aspirers – want a better life (e.g. Loan/Car/Perfume adverts, Sex and The City...)
Carers – have a social conscience (e.g.Charity Adverts)
Mainstreamers – prefer to be like other people (e.g. The Sun, Capital Radio...)
Individualists – prefer to be different (e.g. Miami Ink, Specialist Magazines)

No audiences are formed entirely on the basis of the above two ways – shifting trends/social changes/historical developments/technological progress affects audience identification.

  1. Demographics is a much more sophisticated way of targeting audiences developing detailed criteria e.g.

Geographical Location
Media Accessed
Religious Beliefs
Financial Status
National Identity
Marital Status
Body Shape
Social Class

Race and Ethnicity
Family Background

Hobbies and Interests


Monday, 21 October 2013

A2 Coursework 2013/14

Centre Hub G324 - June 2014
Centre No: 23236

All students have individual blogs which contain clearly labelled links to their research and planning, construction tasks and evaluation.

At A2 LEVEL, all students follow brief 2 to create a new promotion package for a new film. This includes a trailer, together with two of the following three options: a website homepage for the film; a film magazine front cover (featuring the film) or  a poster for the film. They were allowed to work in genres of their own choice. 

The links below are for each student's blogsite which contains all their work, including their final 3 products at A2 level.

Please contact the school if there are any issues with these blogsites or links.

Mrs Lory
Head of Media Studies

St. Bonaventures RC School / Boleyn Road / London / E7 9QD
t:  0208 472  3844

Monday, 14 October 2013

St. Bons' media blog_the beginning

Welcome to St. Bons' media blog!

You will find all the relevant information and material you need on here to develop your coursework projects.  Keep checking for updates....